Wellness at Work Workshops

Wellness at Work Workshops

Creating a culture of health in a company means many different things, from individual mental wellbeing to positive group dynamic. A team ethos that encourages movement and self-awareness has been proven to lift moral, increase productivity and boost personal employee satisfaction in a company environment.

At WildPhysio we offer a tailor-made workshop to companies that take their health and wellbeing seriously.


Why choose WildPhysio vs. Paint balling or a Spa day?

  • Unique, progressive concept
  • First expert in Ireland to offer this service
  • Scientific approach to common work place issues
  • Evidence based techniques
  • Long term proven cost saving to the company

What to expect

At WildPhysio we listen carefully to the companies remit, see where there is an opportunity to engage effectively with staff and tailor our on/off site workshops to specifically address the needs of the group. We show staff how to lay down new patterns of movement and behaviors so that the chronic stiffness and pains associated with sedentary work are acknowledged and addressed.

Karen will show the group expert led movements from evidence based physiotherapy and Pilates techniques, as well as Mindful movement skills, to bring wellness into your workplace through movement.

The workshop is a dynamic, physical educational process aimed at reprogramming poor habitual patterns that lead to pain and discomfort. Your staff will be introduced to the concept of mindful movement and a postural assessment will be carried out of each individual. People will be asked to lie on mats and Karen will walk them through a complex body scan to work out where problem areas are occurring. Exercises will be taught to help people recognize their vulnerable points. Time will be taken to discuss how best to manage these pains while in the workplace.

The aim of the workshop

The aim is to encourage people to take responsibility for building better ways of moving generally, thus benefitting them while at work. It has been proven that once self-awareness increases, people are empowered to manage their pain effectively. This benefits all those in a company environment.

The details

The workshop is 3hrs long. WildPhysio will need a warm, comfortable space where all those attending can lie on mats, when necessary.

We are based in Kinsale where access to a space is available, midweek or weekend (ten people maximum). Otherwise, the company should hire a suitable venue.



€1,500.00 for ten people. €100.00 per person thereafter. This covers

  • Insurance
  • WildPhysio travel expenses
  • All equipment
  • Venue in Kinsale (if not working from company venue)
  • Individual postural assessment feedback form


As a qualified Physiotherapist (BSc Hons), Clinical Pilates Instructor and Mindful movement expert, Karen is expertly placed to teach these skill sets to your team. Having worked for over a decade in both the Private and Public sectors, and now running WildPhysio, Karen is completely attuned not only to the needs of employees, but also employers.