To Move or NOT to Move @ Work


Society has become the most sedentary since time began. Humans are naturally moving machines and we are no longer moving. This news is nothing new and this problem is no longer just a physical one but also a neurological one. Increased stress, mental illness and pain are the leading cause of sickness absence in Ireland now. We are creatures of habit and when our ‘habitual’ movement patterns are compromised continuously with long working hours, repetitive micro actions like checking emails and phones and most detrimental, a continued state of fight or flight, we are ticking time bombs!

By providing your employees and managers with education and training on the physical value of positive mind body exercises, latest research shows great benefits for your business including:



Perfect biomechanics is beautiful thing to observe, just watch a toddler pick up a toy from the floor and just beautifully pop back up to standing. Now picture a colleague with back pain (1 in 3 desk workers) as he/she attempts to bend down to pick something he has dropped on the floor. His/her body used to innately work like the toddlers, pain free smooth co-ordinated movement. Somewhere along the way, all of us have adopted poor movement patterns, essentially bad postural habits at work and at home. When ignored these movements lead to compensated movements that eventually can have physical limitations and pain. Mindfulness is a natural capacity, present in all of us to some extent. It involves paying purposeful attention to our experience, with particular attitudes like openness and curiosity. We are all too familiar with its opposite: a heedless, distracted state that’s often described as ‘autopilot’.

Whether you are a pain sufferer or not, identifying areas of your body that could potentially be weak, short, tight in supporting spine and pelvis is fundamental to change.  Karen can facilitate you to recognise areas to be strengthened and lengthened to support the growing need for postural awareness.

Latest gold standard meta analysis evidence suggests, mindfulness in the workplace with online technique for self practice has improved learning outcomes than mindfulness training alone. This is a significant publication, to effect change in the brain a new movement/ behavioural pattern must be practiced to have lasting benefit. To support Mindfulness in the workplace, Karen’s simple to follow 2 minute tutorials are available on her youtube channel.

Employee’s no longer acknowledge or benefit from the traditional method of teaching ‘good’ v’s bad’ posture model (pic above). Its been overused and it no longer rings home. We can however, benefit from actively ‘feeling, mapping and tracking’ internal sensations and body positions in a facilitated mat class format.

Mindful Movement at Work offers onsite workplace wellness techniques to respond to the increased need for positive mind fitness and resilience within the workplace. Our workshops develop the skills of stress management, educating and supporting employees to develop healthier postural habits and awareness. Our approach is unique as it offers employees physical exercises and techniques that can be practiced themselves. A successful corporate wellness programme needs to be supported by a healthy culture throughout the wider business. Putting the employee in the driving seat for their own responsibility of physical and mental health.  Once the skills to move slowly are adopted you will find yourself paying more attention to your movement and becoming more aware of your body. You will decrease the amount of effort required to do everyday tasks, eliminating pain. And with more attention and more awareness you will automatically find that you have more energy. Karen will teach you simple techniques to release tension in the body and subsequently improve function and form.

Wild Physio

Karen is a warm and captivating speaker. Passionate about bringing health, effectiveness and enthusiasm to the heart of organisations. She creates and delivers practical techniques that provoking change in physical and mental attitudes and behaviour.

Her style is interactive, dynamic and motivating. Her approach is to ‘draw people out’ and help them make ‘discoveries for themselves’ facilitating rather than lecturing. This makes for a fun, relaxed and engaging onsite training event and testimonials have always very positive. Unlike conventional Mindfulness, her Physiotherapy background offers a dynamic more physical practice. Prepare to be completely ZEN like!


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