Pilates Principles


By focusing on mind body awareness, the better connection you establish with your body, and the more benefits you gain from your workouts.


Finding your neural pelvis, on the mat but also in standing, engaging pelvic floor musculature and lower abdominals.


Building endurance of the ‘centre’ and lengthening slowly away from your ‘centre’ /midline with control at the pelvis (ability to maintain neutral).


Inhaling to prepare and relax. Exhaling to make an effort. As you exhale your diaphragm travels upwards towards your head as your lungs empty air. This action increases your intra-abdominal pressure, allowing easier co-contraction of your pelvic floor. The centring that supports your lumbar spine and connects pelvis with ribs is deeply connected with the movement of the thoracic during a breath cycle.


The positioning of parts of the body, requires awareness of where your joints are in space, this is otherwise called proprioception. The ability to position limbs, head, neck, spine and pelvis in a relaxed, neutral and appropriate place.


Is the combination of breath and movement, repeatedly and rhythmically.


Pilates is a perfect exercise for anyone with back pain. Under the expertise of Wildphysio, exercises are prescribed according to problem area and pain. Everyone in this regard, will present differently and assigned individual exercises to correct their problem. Wildphysio begins with a postural analysis. This can be assessed remotely as selfie’s or a short video tells a million tales. This is the start of a Wildphysio program, the cost is €75. This includes an initial assessment, postural analysis, and 6 exercises via private video on wildphysio.ie


What clients have to say..

‘Its my first time doing Pilates and Karens class is FANTASTIC, I have strengthened my core following extensive surgery, Physio led Pilates is a must for me’ Jenny Gregg, Cork

‘Karen makes Pilates work where you need it most, with such clear instruction, love her class’
Claire Booth, Kinsale

‘Great to be back after many years! Glad I made this new years resolution, thanks Karen’ Susan Herron, Kinsale

‘I LOVE the relaxing stretch combined with a challenging workout, love my tighter legs and abs after class even more’ Sorcha Gilette, Kinsale

‘My body feels longer and STRONGER after Pilates’ Emily Buckley, mum of three

‘The difference I feel from the end of the class compared with the start in my flexibility is incredible’ Margaret Buckley, mum of 4

‘Pilates helps me sleep and eases my back pain from sitting a desk all day long’ Barbara Coffey, Kinsale

‘The January blues melt away as Karen put you through your paces, always leaves me feeling zen’
Ross Gallagher, A Dub!