A Physiotherapist is a licensed healthcare professional trained at university level in rehabilitation of function with injury or pain whom you can see directly without the need for a physician’s referral.

Wild Physio will conduct a detailed postural analysis via email/video/photographs that are submitted by the client. The client will then receive exercise specific programme for their injury or pain. A review of your complaint after a period time will then take place, followed by progression and/or modification of exercises, if required. End result should be improved mobility, flexibility and decreased pain.

Research has shown that 75% of the time, physiotherapy is more effective when the client actively engages with an exercise programme specific to their needs. There is a small percentage where passive therapy (i.e. manual therapy, acupuncture, massage) has benefit. In this case, Wild Physio is happy to offer a referral letter to a chartered physiotherapist within your region. You will be armed with all information required by another therapist to continue your treatment.

Interactive online Wild Physio puts you firmly in control of your own body. You will be expertly guided by a qualified health care professional. This service offers you a more affordable, more accessible, more efficient solution to your problem than a walk-in hands-on/passive clinic.