My name is Karen Mason, Wild Atlantic Physiotherapist, Pilates and MindFullness Movement Enthusiast, Mum of three, wife and business woman. I have been living in the gateway to the Wild Atlantic Way, Kinsale Co Cork, Ireland for over a decade. For a well travelled woman, its my opinion that this place is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I am passionate about exercise and movement and the human body. I love to be outdoors connecting with myself and nature.
I am your injury prevention queen.
I aspire to all that is prophylactic.
Consider me an expert in movement, a physio mind, a biomechanics nerd and a very contented people body watcher! I would like to make it clear from the start that my approach as a physiotherapist is one that is an educator and facilitator. I endeavour to teach you about your body in a way that is relevant for you as an individual and aim to empower you to recognise the source of your pain. I am not the therapist who wants to ‘fix’ you – by contrast I want you to fix yourself. I try to teach you in my workshops how you can be your own clinician.

Realising this is my therapy, I have refined the process to enable you to quickly and efficiently feel truly connected to your body and mind. I love being a Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor teaching people ways to change their bodies and minds, tuning in and reconnecting with themselves.

I teach clients in groups in classes and workshops and individually in person or interactively over the web. I love human biomechanics, how the body moves and grooves. I strive to help people understand why they have a pain and empower them to make the lifestyle changes necessary for change.

I am a hands on therapist and I practice Acupuncture and manual therapy daily in my clinic in Kinsale. However, I believe a large part of a Physiotherapists job is to educate through exercise specific programs, to monitor progress,  adjusting appropriately along the way until they are 100% rehabilitated.

I believe that great posture and core strength starts at the pelvis, like the clinical Pilates theory, your core strength develops deep within our pelvis. I have discovered that slowing down and paying attention to your body is empowering, self-realigning and a powerful technique for pain free movement. A true light bulb moment for a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor. Offering a technique that can quickly, effectively have a profound affect on well -being and increased self awareness.

While I’m a Physio and Pilates teacher by training, I’m a sea swimmer, runner, cyclist, meal planner, food lover, business owner, rockstar wife and dog walker by life experience.  I was teaching Pilates throughout my three pregnancies, loyal clients can vouch for that, and returned to it straight afterwards. I believe women should return to their bodies through exercise as soon as 6 weeks post partum. My clients over the last 10 year have been post natal mummy’s who returned to Pilates for all kinds of reasons such as, stress incontience, back pain, poor postural control, to name but a few.

I want to share what I’ve learned about living a healthy and fit life because I believe healthy women are empowered women. Empowered women are super women.

And super women can change the world.

My Loves:

My husband, my kids, my dog, my cat, my community, Pilates, somatics, snow, sun, chocolate covered anything, anything French, coffee, running in the rain, zen after a sea swim, morning cuddles with my girl under the blankets, hearing from clients who accomplish a big goal, hugs.